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redPin.gif (425 bytes) Can I get a Catalog?     YES.  We have several catalogs to choose from.  Check out our  CATALOGS section.
redPin.gif (425 bytes) What is your Return and Exchange Policy?     If you any questions regarding our return and exchange policies, please visit our Return for Exchange page.

redPin.gif (425 bytes) Is it safe to use my credit card?      Yes, if you are concerned about online safety, check our Safe & Secure Shopping page for information on our Secure Shopping.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Which doll house is right for me?
    At Mott’s we sell over 200 models of doll house kits and assembled doll houses.  We have a full page of information to answer your questions about the quality and construction in the various brands of houses available here on the Houses page.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)  How can I obtain replacement Kit instructions?

    By far this is the number one question we are asked via email. In order to process a request for duplicate copies of kit instructions first the house kit must still be in production.  If you purchased your house kit from Mott’s (and this can be verified) simply email us your request along with your current home address and phone.  If you did not purchase your house kit from Mott’s there is a $20.00 processing fee to send you duplicate instructions.  We will drop this down to $10.00 if you have purchased at least $100.00 from Mott’s in the 12 months prior to your request.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Can I use a Coupon with a Phone, Fax or Email order?   No.  Unless otherwise specifically stated on the coupon, Coupons must be attached to a written order and sent to us Via Postal Mail.  Orders sent in via Fax, Phone or Email will be processed as-is.  We do not hold orders for you to send in coupons, or mail out orders on a promise that a coupon is being sent in.  If you are in a hurry, just save the coupon for your next mail-in order.   If you are ordering from a print catalog and do not have an order form, you can print one out here.  If you want to order off our web site, you will be given the option of printing up your order for transmission via fax or postal mail.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Do you have a store closer to me? At the present time we have just our main store in Anaheim, California.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)I have a miniature collection, can you tell me what it’s worth?    Unfortunately we are not licensed appraisers and can not accept payment to appraise items for others.  We can NOT perform this service for you.  We recommend that you check the classified ads in a miniature magazine or look in the yellow pages under Appraisal.  If you have a collection to sell, please place a classified ad in a magazine or newspaper, we do not purchase collections.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Do you have a toll free customer service line?    Unfortunately we do not.  We offer large discounts and free shipping.  We have considered installing a toll free number for customer service, but we would need to do away with discounts and/or free shipping to do it.  To check the status of your order, or ask ANY questions, email us, or log in to your online account.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)I use America On Line why am I having trouble viewing your web site?    We used to get messages from AOL users who are having trouble viewing our site.  This is a problem with AOL NOT Mott’s.  AOL does not have a large enough connection to the internet to support all of its users.  Because of this some of our pages on our web site load slow or not at all.  All we can tell you is to keep trying. 

redPin.gif (425 bytes)I use Web T.V. why am I having trouble viewing your web site?     Previously our site used JAVA which did not work well with WEB T.V.  Mostly the WEB T.V. Classic customers.  We have since changed the site and no longer use JAVA in the check out process.  If you are a WEB T.V. client and are having trouble with our site, please notify us and contact your technical support department.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)What scale are the items you sell?    EVERYTHING on our web site and in our printed catalogs is standard 1:12 scale (one-inch, 1").  The only exception is a small selection of 1/2 (half-scale, 1:24) building components such as windows and doors, a few half-scale house kits, and a few Barbie/Fashion scale house kits.  We can NOT get furniture or accessories in "half" or "Barbie" scale other than those listed.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Discontinued Items    “I saw an item on your web site that is marked Discontinued and Out of Stock, or No Longer Available.  I want to purchase one of them.  Can you get me one?  Do you have any in stock?  Can you tell me where I can find one?”   NO, NO, and NO.  Sounds dumb!  But we get requests every week for items which are marked Discontinued and Out of Stock on our web site.  We keep discontinued items on our site with this notation on the assumption that people read it and won’t request it.  The theory is that if we don’t show it on the site and mark it discontinued that we might get more requests for the item.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Advantage Savings Program    The Mott’s Doll House Advantage Savings Program is a combination Discount and Rebate program.  When you find a house with an Advantage Savings of 15% or more, 5% of the Savings will be sent to you in the form of a Rebate Certificate, the remainder of the Savings will be deducted from your total.  Other discounts, coupons or special offers such as free merchandise offers may not be used in combination with the Advantage Savings Program.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)I requested Next Day Air on my order but the order did not come the next day, why?    As is indicated on our Shipping Information page, requesting Next Day or Second Day Air service does NOT guarantee that your order will be delivered in one or two days.  That is how fast the shipment will be in transit after we ship the order out.  Please check Calculating Shipping Times on our shipping page.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Do you sell wholesale?    Again, this is something that we are frequently asked.  At the present time we sell Retail only.  While we only charge sales tax on California purchases, we do not take tax off of California purchases if you have a re-sale license.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Where do you purchase your products?    Mott’s has been in the business of selling miniatures since 1949. We do not divulge any information regarding our sources to anyone.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)How much will I need?       We are frequently asked how much wallpaper, paint, shingles, etc. to buy for a dollhouse project.  We have put up a page specifically to answer these questions: How Much Will I Need?

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Can you wrap my package or insert a gift card? Yes.  Please check our gift cards/gift wrapping page.

redPin.gif (425 bytes)Can I use my own account number for shipping?    Yes, you can use your own UPS, FedEx Express, or Airborne Express account number to pay for you shipping charges.  Just enter the account number in the Comments box on the Check-Out form during your order and specify the level of shipping service you want.

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